The Benefits

Benefits of Mediation

Communication, Negotiation, and Cooperation have long term benefits.


Family Court cases are difficult, both emotionally and financially. Mediation offers parties a way to resolve issues in a relaxed and cost effective forum.  The confidential mediation process allows parties to control the outcome of their Family Court case rather than having a Judge make monumentally important decisions regarding where their children live and how much time they get to spend with them.  Additionally, mediation allows the parties to decide for themselves how their hard-earned assets such as real property and retirement accounts should be divided. Mediation may be held before a case is filed or any time after a case has been filed prior to a final contested trial.

Reaching an agreement at mediation removes the “fear of the unknown” in that a costly and stressful trial and the possibility of a lengthy appeals process is avoided and the parties mutually agree on decisions which best suit their unique family dynamic.  It sometimes takes years for contested litigation to reach a final trial.  Successful mediation can resolve the issues much more quickly, with a number of cases being resolved before a lawsuit is ever filed.

Finally, an agreement reached by the parties after working to make sure that each side’s issues are heard and addressed makes it more likely that the agreement will be followed and reduces the likelihood of future litigation.


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